Beach Entry Swimming Pools

16' x 40' Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool

Size: 16' x 40'   •   Depth: 3'7" - 6'3"
Gallons: 13,000   •   Square Feet: 590

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16' x 40' Beach Entry

16' x 40' Beach Entry Pool Photos

16' x 40' Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool16' x 40' Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool16' x 40' Beach Entry Fiberglass Pool
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16' x 40' Beach Entry Overview

Bring the beach fun to your own backyard with the 16' x 40' beach entry fiberglass pool. This sleek fiberglass pool features a stylish beach entry making it the perfect place to set up your beach chairs, read a book and dip your feet in the cool water, while two built-in relaxation benches allow for ultimate summer leisure as you soak up the sun and swim your summer days away in the spacious swim corridor!

Features include:

  • Stylish beach entry
  • Two built-in relaxation benches
  • Convenience ledge
  • Deep end step outs
  • Spacious swim corridor

Designed with style and elegance, the 16' x 40' beach entry fiberglass pool is a beautiful addition to any landscape, making you the envy of your neighborhood. This stunning fiberglass pool provides 590 square feet of pure summer fun, a 3'7" shallow end with a 6'3" deep end and holds 13,000 gallons of cool, refreshing water to splash in. Whether you are inviting the whole neighborhood over for a pool party or having a solo day of relaxation, the 16' x 40' beach entry fiberglass pool will make wonderful summer memories for years to come.

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