Water Inspection Ports

Water Inspection Ports for Every Pool

Installing a water inspection port is an easy but important step to installing your Tallman fiberglass pool. Doing so allows you the ability to monitor and remove any ground water accumulation under your pool. This is important because water build up can cause pressure which could potentially damage your pool.

Installation Process:

  1. Place protective sock over 4" perforated pipe-sock should cover the entire length of pipe
  2. Cut a 4" diameter hole into the 8" Solid pipe
  3. Place 4" perforated pipe horizontally across the width of the deep end floor in the deepest point of your excavated hole. This pipe will be installed below the base material.
  4. Place 8" pipe vertically into the pool hole and insert 4" pipe into it. The 8" pipe should extend approximately 6" higher than the top edge of the pool hole. The pipe should be stubbed up approximately 8" outside the edge of where the POOL COPING will be.
  5. The skimmer lid will cover the pipe opening. The pipe should be cut prior to the deck being poured to ensure that the base of the lid will be level with the decking. Once the lid is in place, it should be flush with the decking and look identical to the actual pool skimmer lid.

To Install this port you will need the following:

  • Approximately 8' of 4" perforated PVC Pipe
  • Approximately 8' of protective sock to cover the 4" pipe-this will prevent silt penetration
  • Between 7 to 9 foot of 8" solid Rigid PVC pipe-the length will depend on pool depth
  • Skimmer lid and skimmer lid base
Water Inspection Ports for Every Pool
Water Inspection Ports for Every Pool