A Word From The Owner

A Word From The Owner

Ed TallmanWelcome to TallmanPools.com! My name is Ed Tallman and I am the owner-operator of Tallman Pools. First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to view our site and for your interest in my pools. I would also like to take a moment to tell you a little more about myself and my company.

Tallman Pools was founded over fifty years ago by my father, Ellsworth Tallman. He began as a small residential pool builder but expanded into the manufacturing of steel walls, vinyl liners, spas and much more. Then over thirty years ago, he discovered the wonder of fiberglass. As a pioneer in the swimming pool industry, my father used fiberglass as a tool to further develop his business into the manufacturing of one-piece fiberglass pools, which he believed is the best possible option in the swimming pool market. During his lifetime, he continually strived to manufacture the best product available and I am proud to say that I have done the same. Tallman Pools is now one of the largest pool manufacturers in the country, shipping our quality pools throughout the entire southeast.

As for myself, the swimming pool industry is the only one that I have ever known. Over the past thirty-five years I have worked hands on in every aspect of the business: from sales to installation to manufacturing. While I no longer spend my days on jobsites, I still remain personally involved with every pool project from start to finish. I do this by directly speaking with every homeowner and every contractor involved in the project. I also train each and every member of my staff, from the installation teams to the fiberglass technicians. I am in my factory every day overseeing the manufacturing process and shipping of every pool and, although Tallman Pools has very stringent quality control procedures, no pool leaves with out my personal inspection and approval.

From the beginning, my father built every pool as if it were going in his own backyard. That is the philosophy I was raised on and still stand behind today. I believe that every one should have the opportunity to own a Tallman Fiberglass Pool. This is the reason I created our Assisted Installation Program, which allows my customers to save thousands of dollars while having the confidence in knowing their pool was installed by factory trained professionals.

In closing, it is my personal goal to provide you the highest quality fiberglass pool. I personally guarantee everyone here at Tallman Pools will work to achieve your 100% satisfaction.

After all, my name is on every pool.


Ed Tallman