Installation Checklist

  1. Check with your county building department to see if a building permit is required and how to obtain one.
  2. You will need an excavator to dig the hole and do the backfilling of your pool. Dig diagrams will be provided and we will speak to your excavator and review the measurements. (It is important that we speak with your excavator prior to excavation.)
  3. The day that we deliver the pool, your excavator will need to be on site with a bobcat to do the backfilling.
  4. You will need 40-80 tons of #89 stone on site (not in the hole) the day the pool is delivered. The amount of stone required depends on the pool size. In some cases, you may be able to use something other than stone. Please contact your sales representative for details.
  5. You will need a small crane or boom truck and four 20' straps with hooks to offload the pool. A 5 ton boom truck is usually acceptable (depending on the access).
  6. We recommend the installation of a Water Inspection Port. You may supply the pipe for this port or it can be purchased with your pool. In some instances, a "Daylight Drain" or well point may need to be installed in lieu of a Water Inspection Port. Please discuss this with your sales representative.
  7. You may need materials such as cinder blocks, cap blocks, 4x4's, etc. during the installation of certain models. Please speak with your sales representative for details.
  8. You will need an electrician to hook up a 220v pump with a 20 amp breaker. If you purchase a pool light and/or salt system, please discuss the additional requirements with your sales representative.
  9. Pool must be grounded for safety and we would like to speak with your electrician to review the electrical hook up.
  10. You will need to find a contractor to complete the concrete decking around the pool.

We would like to speak with all of your contractors.

** Customer is responsible for pool and equipment placement, which should be free and clear of prolines and setbacks. Equipment should be no further than 20' from pool.

** To find an excavator, stone company, crane rental company, electrician or contractor to do your deck, you may find it helpful to check your local yellow pages.

** Please note: fencing around pool is required in most areas. Please contact your local building department for specific requirements.